Greetings From The Candler County Pine Barrens,


     Having had a night to reflect (back) on the events of last evening, I feel compelled to send you and your Southern Compatriots this brief piece of correspondence:


     I can not be more candid when I tell you that my family and I have not been treated more cordially, hospitably, or ROYALLY  during any of my more-than-sixty speaking engagements of the past eleven months.  It is imperative that I take the time to express this in writing!  That much, I am sure of!


     First of all, the meal was exceptional; the atmosphere was just as it should be during an event of such importance and magnitude!  That priceless historical  tome penned generations ago by Private G. W. Nichols is one of my favorite "Confederate References."  If you should check my own personal version of "CONFEDERATE TALES ......," you should find that Private Nichols' work served as a reference in at least six of my narratives.  Nichols fought in a Bulloch County unit ; in fact he was born and raised about eight miles from where the old house which is featured on the cover of my book is now located.  The cliché of "it's a small world" does, indeed, hold true -- once again!  I wish to express my gratitude for it -- many times over.  It is definitely an invaluable addition to "My Rapidly-Growing Confederate Collection!"


     Please pass copies of my electronic correspondence along to Neil Thornton, Lamar Deen, B H Claxton, and others who made our Saturday Night sojourn over to Appling so incredibly enjoyable.  Stay in touch and in closing ,I should like to thank you all once again for your interest and support in my recent literary endeavor.  It's folks like you who motivate me to want to speak and write about Those Old Gray Warriors Of Yesteryear who marched and fought beneath That Veil Of Saint Andrew's Cross and gave their all for a cause which has now been lost for nearly seven score and three years.  But, always remember, even though That Cause is lost, more importantly, it should never be forgotten! I reiterate,  Keep in touch!  Wishing you all kindest personal regards ......



                                                         Hu, Susan, and Siera Daughtry